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Which UK Staycation Should You Choose?

When it comes to staycations, the UK has such a lot to offer! From sandy beaches to the idyllic countryside, from rocky mountains to bustling cities. Our little isle is packed full of variety. 

Staycations are known for their affordability due to their domestic nature. Compared to travelling abroad, holidays within the UK often cut down travelling costs and don’t need expensive connections. Due to the current situation with the pandemic, staycations also have the desirability of being safer. So instead of hopping on a plane, why not jump in your car?! 

But, first, you must face the question of which UK staycation to choose?

There are hundreds of options right at your fingertips! And, with all of us craving a getaway, why not explore what staycations the UK has to offer. As the restrictions start to lift, you can feed your wanderlust by travelling farther afield or discover some hidden gems closer to home.

Keep reading our short guide on the types of staycations you can go on in the UK.

  • Camping.

Many reasons may have swayed you to go camping before; maybe you were looking to avoid the expense of hotels or just fancied getting back to nature. And, for those who haven’t braved the canvas of a tent, maybe it’s time to give it ago!

You can escape the hustle and bustle of life and have a few evenings beneath the stars. Huddle around a campfire and unwind, spook each other with ghost stories, or liven up the kids with card games. What’s more, you can spend your days out and about exploring your surroundings. Get the whole family moving with bike rides, walks and outdoor activities. 

However, camping is not for everyone. Some cannot get used to all the bugs that can join you on your outdoor adventure. Others struggle to sleep at night due to the strange noises and uncomfortable sleeping mats. If it’s your first time camping, you may find the equipment that helps make your camp more comfortable, expensive.

But, don’t panic! There are plenty of other staycations to choose from.

  • Caravaning.

If camping is not your thing, how about caravaning? Hiring a static caravan in a monitored park for a few days can be a lot of fun for all the family. A more accessible alternative to a mobile home, static caravans provide a great base to explore a new area. And, with caravan parks stationed up and down the country, you have plenty of locations to choose from.

Caravanning has many benefits. On these monitored parks, everything is on your doorstep. You won’t have to travel far to get to a shop for supplies, and there are often excellent facilities such as restaurants, cafes, mini-golf courses, swimming pools and more! 

Modern caravans are a mini home-from phone experience and can be equipped with all the luxuries you are used to at home. With a comfortable abode to come back to, you can focus on exploring the local area, whether your caravan is stationed for a woodland retreat or high on the coastal cliffs.

However, with many caravan parks closed over the autumn and winter months, these staycations are typically a summer affair.

  • A Beach Break. 

With summer quickly approaching, escaping to the beach for a staycation is on the minds of many. As the large majority of us do not feel safe to go abroad just yet, it seems we are all turning to the UK’s coastline for a seaside getaway.

Going to the beach for the day can be the perfect remedy for those looking to relax and destress while keeping to a low budget. Getting out in the sun with the sand between your toes is the perfect tonic. Your body can soak up some vitamin D and, if you’re brave enough to swim in the sea, your body can benefit from magnesium, relaxing your muscles and improving your immune system.

Although there are many benefits of a British seaside break, there are a few risks. One of which is the British weather. Known for its unpredictability, the UK can not be relied upon for its sun! A day at the beach in the UK will often require a few layers and a windbreak at best.

  • Escape to the Countryside.

Every once in a while, people will want to escape the hustle and bustle of their everyday lives. And, what can be more relaxing than a staycation in the British countryside. 

The UK is full of quintessentially British market towns and villages, the majority of which are surrounded by our famous rolling landscape. So, book somewhere new, and see a part of the UK you wouldn’t usually see. Learn about the history of this part of the country and absorb the natural beauties we may take for granted.

No matter what the weather, there’ll always be a sense of tranquillity walking through the hidden gems the countryside has to offer. However, it is worth bearing in mind that some of these villages are tucked away and less accessible by public transport. Also, compared to larger towns and cities, you may find there to be less choice for bars and restaurants; however, there is often a country pub not too far.

  • Glamping.

If staying in a tent for a night or two is not your cup of tea, but the idea of getting out into nature sounds appealing, why not compromise with the next best choice and go glamping for your UK staycation. 

Glamping is a great fusion of quirky accommodation while having all of the comforts of your own home – that means an actual bed and functional sink! On top of that, you are better shielded from the harsh weather while still being close to nature.

Unlike traditional camping, all these luxuries come with a heftier price tag, but, depending on where and how long you want to stay, you can still holiday for less than going abroad. 

Between days out at the beach and strolling through the UK’s idyllic countryside, there are plenty of pros and cons for each staycation suggested. However, each one can be fun and relaxing to try out this summer. 

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