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What You Need for the Ultimate Staycation

It’s been over a year since UK residents have been able to pack their suitcases, grab their passports and jet off to somewhere sunny. The population is raring to go, with Facebook feeds and Instagram profiles full of people daydreaming about their upcoming summer holidays. 

With the summer breeze and brighter days right around the corner, more and more people are opting to have staycations right here in the UK. With beautiful cities to explore and beaches that are just crying out for visitors, it’s no wonder that people want to relax close to home. 

But what exactly do you pack for a staycation in the UK? There are still lots of lovely beachy locations you can discover this summer, only a few hours car ride away. If you’re planning a staycation by the shore, then keep reading for our top tips on what to pack.

  • Sunscreen

With winter a distant memory, it’s about time we all start using sunscreen every day as it can prevent premature wrinkles and, most importantly, reduce the risk of skin cancer. However, with a UK break, it’s easy to forget to apply it and mistakenly believe that it’s just for boiling hot climates. When visiting the beach – even one based in the UK, it’s still important to add sunscreen into your bag! You want to have fun and destress but not look like a lobster lay on the beach. So don’t forget to top up regularly as you sit back and relax in the rays!

  • Beach Bag

Having a beach bag for vacations is extremely handy as it keeps all of your belongings safe and in one place. Need a towel after going for a dip in the ocean? Just rummage through your bag until you find it! Want to bring a book for reading by the sea? Pop it in your spacious beach bag!

At Universal Flip, we have a range of luxurious beach bags that fit all of your beachy needs! Made from heavy canvas with adjustable leather straps, our designs not only offer comfortability while you’re wearing them, but you can go from beach to high street without batting your pretty eyelashes. If you would like to browse our beach bag collection, then please click here. 

  • Beach Blanket

When visiting the beach, having a lightweight blanket in your beach bag is perfect for when you find a spot on the sand to lay claim to for the day. Using a beach blanket is terrific for when you come back from going for a swim or having a splash in the ocean. Our Sandy Footprints Beach Blanket is also ideal for when the clouds come out and you want to warm up. Plus they are very generous so you can share and get cuddled up on the sand!

  • Pop-up Beach Tent

With everyone flocking to the beaches once restrictions are lifted, having a beach tent in your bag can be ideal for getting some privacy while you soak up the sun. It will also protect you from the cold British wind, so it doesn’t ruin your day and provide some shade if things heat up. No one enjoys getting lashed by blowing sand or feeling uncomfortably hot while they are trying to relax! 

  • Swimming Costume

If you don’t have a lot of confidence and don’t want to show off your body in any swimsuit, that’s fine! However, having a swimming costume in your bag in case you do want to go for a swim at some point is better than not having one at all. There’s nothing worse than wanting to jump into the water but being unable to do so as you don’t have suitable clothing. Also, if you are looking to brush up your tan, swimming costumes will help you avoid unsightly tan lines.

  • A Hat

Taking a hat with you to the beach is perfect for your staycation! Not only does wearing a wide-brimmed hat help to protect your skin from the sun’s UV rays, but it also stops your hair and eyes from getting damaged while allowing you to look fabulously chic. Make sure to throw a couple of hats in your bag when packing for your UK staycation – especially if you’re holidaying with children, as they need extra protection too!

  • Reliable Footwear

When going on a beach trip, it’s always best to have at least two pairs of shoes with you — a pair of reliable shoes such as trainers and a pair of flip flops for the beach. Trainers are great for travelling in and walking around the nearby towns, but if you get sand in them, it can be really difficult to get it out. Packing a pair of lightweight flip flops into your beach bag means you can protect your feet from any hidden broken glass or rocks on the beach and look stylish at the same time. Flip flops are also great for paddling in the sea as they can dry easily!

  • Sunglasses

You should never forget to pack a pair of sunnies when planning to go to the beach! Like wearing hats to protect your skin, sunglasses protect your eyes from sun damage such as sunburn and eye strain while also preventing certain eye diseases. You should wear sunglasses to keep your eyes healthier for longer, but make sure that your sunglasses offer 100% UV protection or UV 400 protection as sunglasses without this don’t protect your eyes at all. 

Going on a staycation should be a fun-filled and stress-free experience for everyone involved. So with the help of the suggestions above, you’ll be having a blast in no time at all on your ultimate staycation! 

At Universal Flip, we believe that everyone should enjoy the beach as much as we do. From the golden sand to the calming sound of the ocean, there’s something for everyone. So if you would like to find out more about us and shop our range of products, please click here.