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What to Pack for a Beach Holiday

When you go to the beach, it’s true you only really need to take a pair of sunglasses, a trucker cap and a swimsuit if you fancy a dip. However, if you want to have a great time with everything you need and more, knowing what to pack for the beach is your solution. There’s nothing worse than turning up and realising you’ve forgotten something. Make sure you don’t go unprepared, and you have everything you will ever need in your trusty beach bag.

Beach holidays can be the best way to relax and take your mind off work and the daily demands of life; but, if you don’t know what to pack, this may not be the case. So if you are unsure what you should be taking to the beach, keep reading for your answers!

  • Sun Lotion.

One of the essential items to pack for your beach holiday is sunscreen, so don’t forget to lotion up to enjoy your beach getaway!  

Experts across the globe have broadcasted for decades that you should wear sunscreen whenever you visit the beach. Not only does sun lotion protect your skin from the harmful UV rays that cause sunburn and eventually skin cancer, but it also prevents premature ageing. 

  • A Range of Outfits

Having two or three choices of outfits with you can be a blessing in disguise when you go to the beach. Once on the beach and in the throws of your day out, you might get your original clothes wet or dirty, so having a set of clothes to change into will allow you to enjoy your time fuss-free. And, you will be so much more comfortable travelling home again in the dry!

  • Light Shoes

Taking a pair of canvas shoes with you to the beach is a great way to maintain some comfort when you’re walking along the sand. Not only do they protect your feet from any harmful objects under the golden grains, but they also allow air to cool your feet on hot days. It also allows you to go climbing around rockpools or walking along the cliffs too. These shoes and lightweight and small enough for any summer beach bag; even if you don’t use them on this trip, it’s good to have the option!

  • Beach Bag.

Beach bags are fantastic for holding all your essentials while you spend time on the beach. From keeping your beach towel to your car or hotel key, ensuring that you have a bag with you on your beach holiday is essential. 

At Universal Flip, we believe that you should have the freedom to explore every beach your heart desires. Using our beach bags, you will be one step closer to having all of your beach bag essentials checked off your list. If you would like to browse, please click here. 

  • Aloe Vera Gel.

As good as it is to be prepared to fight the sun’s UV rays, unfortunately, you might still get sunburnt on your holiday. A solution for this is the gel from aloe vera. It is a must-have in your beach bag as it contains antibacterial qualities and can reduce inflammation while also preventing your skin from peeling! So having a tube or two in your bag will be beneficial for those pesky moments when you or your family get sunburnt. You will be able to keep having a great beach holiday while your skin heals, but don’t forget to keep your sunburn covered.

  • Beach Blanket. 

There’s nothing better than spending all day on the beach while relaxing to your heart’s content. However, once the sun starts to disappear, so can the heat, so packing a beach blanket for your holiday will come in handy when you want to watch the sunset over the horizon.

From a picnic blanket, a lightweight beach towel to a shawl in the evenings, they are also great for escaping the sun’s rays for a moment; a beach blanket is another must-have on our list! We offer a range of products that are perfect for your beach holiday, and our beach blanket is simply one of them! Adaptable to your needs and surprisingly lightweight, you will be able to keep your beach blanket on hand in your beach bag. To find out more, visit our webpage here

With our six suggestions in your suitcase or overnight bag, you will always be ready for a trip to the beach! Whether it’s for a relaxing sunbathe, a quick dip or even an explore among the rocks, you will always be prepared.

At Universal Flip, we aimed to create sustainable and ethically made products that enable you to feel and experience the magic and freedom of the beach. If you would like to be inspired by our products, please visit our online store. We are excited for you to explore our new accessory bundles!