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The Most Secluded Beach Holidays

Do you ever long for a day on the beach? After the lockdowns and worries of the last year, a relaxing beach holiday is just what the doctor ordered! But, with everyone rushing to the coast, are you concerned your imagined beach oasis won’t be the tranquil break you need?

Sometimes a beach holiday can be spoilt due to the excessive crowds and noise of so many other holidaymakers, leaving you unable to relax, unwind and appreciate your break. But, fear not! Whether you’re looking for a safe holiday, crowd-free or are just enjoying some peace and quiet, we have put together our six favourite secluded beaches just for you!

Escape your stresses and unwind at one of these secluded beaches. From South America to East Asia, even some European treats, there’s bound to be one that ticks your boxes.

Our Six Secluded Beaches

Perfect for a romantic getaway, a relaxing summer holiday or a COVID-safe escape, get ready to explore the best beaches to escape the crowds.

1) Baía de Sancho, Brazil

This secluded beach is found just off Brazil on the small island called Fernando de Noronha. Commonly ranked as one of the world’s best beaches on Tripadvisor, everyone who ventures there is not disappointed. 

Baía de Sancho, also referred to as Sancho beach, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and, consequently, part of the island’s national park. If you’d like to enjoy its aqua coastline and golden sand, though, you will have to pay an environmental tax. 

Not only does the tax deter visitors, but this stretch of beach is only accessible by foot or by boot, which is great news for those who are looking for a secluded sanctuary. But, remember, a good pair of walking sandals and an enormous beach bag is a must. Make sure you’ve got room for everything you’ll need.

2) Long Bay, Tortola (British Virgin Islands)

If you are looking for the perfect spot for a quiet day trip while visiting the British Virgin Islands, then you can’t go wrong with Long Bay! Surrounded by the beautiful Caribbean Sea, Tortola is a part of the volcanic archipelago that make up the British Virgin Islands.

Long Bay is a half-mile strip of beach that can be discovered by taking a drive down a steep and narrow dirt road. Your little excursion is rewarded, however, with picturesque views of fluffy white sand and sparkling turquoise waters.

Away from the hustle and bustle, why not grab your Unplugged Beach Bag, Sandy Footprints Beach Blanket and set up your picnic spot.

3) Tonsai Beach, Thailand

Tonsai Beach is a secluded gem that can only be reached by two long tail boats! Taking the first from Krabi or Ao Nang and the second from Railay Beach, only then will you embark upon this slight stretch of white sand.

Perfect for the adventurous souls who want to sunbathe, rock climb, kayak and snorkel in peace, Tonsai beach can offer it all!

Surround by towering limestone cliffs and emerald water; the sea is the perfect temperature for a dip. Just make sure you bring your Sandy Footprints Beach Blanket

4) Navagio Beach, Greece

With a half-exposed shipwreck from the 1980s lying on the white sand, this exposed cove on the coast of Zakynthos is only accessible by boat and is commonly referred to as Shipwreck beach.

This crescent moon-shaped cove is lined with cliffs and luxurious white sand; you’ll be transported away from reality and into your very own pirate set. Just pop all your beach essentials safely away in your beach bag so that you can enjoy snorkelling on this quiet coastline.

5) Whitehaven Beach, Australia

Having haven in the name perfectly describes this beach on Whitsunday Island. The beach is four miles of silky sand that look as soft as talcum powder until it fades into crystal waters. The picturesque views encapsulate an island paradise with an acacia forest lining the beach on the other side.

Whitehaven Beach is protected by Whitsunday Island’s National Park and is therefore only accessible by a thirty-minute boat journey. With a short trip to be made, a lot of the masses are deterred, leaving you to have a fabulous time lounging on the almost luminescent sand or exploring the coral reef below the waves. Again, don’t forget to bring your Sandy Footprints Beach Blanket!

6) Cala Luna, Sardinia

Last but not least, on our secluded beach list is Cara Luna in Sardinia. Set against a backdrop of steep limestone cliffs and luscious greenery, Cala Luna beach is five hundred metres from one of the best beaches in Sardinia. The only access to this beach is a 4km hike from Cala Fuili or a short boat ride from the Cala Gonone marina during summer, making it a hidden oasis. 

Between hiking, sunbathing, snorkelling and scuba diving, there are plenty of activities to do at the beach and surrounding area. However, there is a bar and restaurant just a short walk from the beach if you don’t fancy exploring!

With the beach being so inaccessible, visitors have the fantastic opportunity to enjoy paradise to themselves! 

Choosing where to go for your beach holiday can be difficult, especially if you search for a secluded beach getaway. We hope our six favourite beaches above can help you discover your dream holiday destination. 

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