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The Best Beaches in Europe

After being confined to our homes and the UK coastline throughout the coronavirus lockdowns, it has been easy to forget that some of the best beaches in Europe are just a short plane ride away.

British airlines have kept their eyes and ears open while we have all been grounded, gauging if and when their aeroplanes can once again leave our runways. With the UK’s traffic light travel system in place, summer holidays are looking likely Now is the time to get looking for your summer beach retreat for this year or next.

It’s been so long since anyone has been able to fly abroad that you may be wondering where to start. Well, don’t worry! If you keep reading, you will find our top six European beaches to get you started.

  • The French Riviera. 

Known for its handful of beaches and the bluest water covering over a 100-mile stretch, The French Riviera – also known as the Cote d’Azur – is located on the French coast of the Mediterranean. 

With endless sunshine and filled with glamour, the French Riviera is a beauty to behold. It is a never-ending haven, with small local amenities to high-end designer stores. There is something for everyone.

What’s surprising is that flights here are only around two hours! Yet a couple of hours later, and what a sight! Silky golden sands caress the crystal clear waters of the sea and the coves within the bays, especially at Plage du Midi in Cannes, Plage des Marinières in Nice, and Plage de la Mala in Cap-d’Ail.   

  • Formentera.

If your looking for somewhere off the beaten track, look no further than Formentera. This small Balearic island is not commonly visited by tourists, compared to its neighbour island, Ibiza. But, it is by far the prettiest of the two when considering the beaches on offer. 

Just a small ferry ride from Ibiza will land any beachgoer onto a very long stretch of sand lined with pine trees and backed with dunes, which is perfect for a day trip away from all the hustle and bustle during summertime.

With the options to hire the equipment needed to go sailing and snorkelling, or if you wanted to lounge and soak up the sun while the world stopped for a moment in time, then there are plenty of things to do for everyone!

  • Tropea Beach, Calabria. 

Located at the tip of Italy’s boot, this luxuriously picturesque beach is nestled deep within the heart of Calabria at the “Coast of Gods.” 

Tropea beach has a cascade of white sand and beautiful turquoise water that will make you feel like you are in the Caribbean. However, instead of palm trees, the explorer that sets foot on the coastline will be met with an ancient monastery from the 4th century – Santa Maria dell’Isola.

This beach is one of the ultimate spots to lounge on, as it has the perfect vantage point to watch the sunset and also a promenade to go for an evening stroll. For the adventurous ones amongst us, why not climb the winding flight of steps carved directly into the cliffside and visit this monastery for yourself. 

  • Elafonissi Beach.

This beach is often mistaken to be on a separate island as water breaks the oblong peninsula. However, Elafonissi can be found on the south-western-most tip of Crete, just 75 kilometres from the town Chania.

Around the peninsula are turquoise water and luxuriously white and pink-hued sand that has taken its colour from millions of crushed shells. Moreover, at the breaking point of the peninsula, the seawater only comes up to around one metre in-depth, creating a small lagoon that is perfect to paddle and play in for young children.

There are opportunities to hire sun umbrellas and sunbeds for a small price for adult visitors, allowing you to bask in the sun while feeling like you are in the Caribbean. 

  • Pyjama Beach.

Based in the Konavle region in Southern Croatia, Pasjaca beach is a hidden gem made up of a large amount of sand and gravel.

The beach is directly under the Konavle cliffs, where it meets the Adriatic Sea before forming a secluded and narrow coastal strip that you can lounge upon for hours on end. 

This beach is accessible by a scenic stepped trail that has been carved into the side of the cliffs, adding to your sense of adventure when you venture to this out-of-reach oasis!

  • Praia de Marinha.

Despite being in the middle of the Algarve Coast, Portugal, Praia de Marinha is a small beach made up of golden sand soft to the touch.

Crystal clear turquoise waters lap up against the orange limestone that forms the iconic rock formations of the cliffs. When exploring along the cliffs, you are met with breathtaking views – miles and miles of crystal blue sea.

As the beach can only be reached by car, it is a small gem that you can easily find a spot to lounge all day if you wanted to!

What You Need For a Beach Holiday:

With every magical beach holiday comes time spent on preparations and acquiring the essentials needed for your vacation. At Universal Flip, we believe that everyone deserves to take in the salty air of the ocean and make footprints in the sand, so with our list of essentials for your beach bag, you’ll have the beachiest of times;

  • Sunscreen 
  • Bathing suit
  • Sunglasses
  • Sandals
  • Trainers  
  • Beach blanket 
  • Portable fan
  • Reading material (book, kindle, magazine etc.)
  • Trucker Cap

And, of course, your trusty beach bag! 

You can take all your essentials and more in our ethical and sustainable Universal Flip beach bags. Made from ethically sourced and manufactured materials, our range of beach bags are a must-have for your trip to the beach. Shop our range here today