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Thank You For Your Support!

Small, independent businesses represent three-fifths of the UK’s economy with a total estimated turnover of £2.3 trillion. That’s right, though we may be small, we are mighty! That’s why I want to say a big THANK YOU for all your support, not only by shopping directly through Universal Flip but by supporting other small businesses too!

It can be hard at times to be David looking up at Goliath. However, we wouldn’t get anywhere without our loyal customers, especially after turbulent times throughout the global pandemic. Coronavirus has thrown plenty of challenges our way, but we have been able to push forward with your support, releasing new designs and products! Thanks to your loyalty, we are continuing to raise awareness about sustainable accessories one sale at a time. 

Suppose you’re someone that tends to be a bit hesitant about placing your faith in independent businesses. In that case, this blog aims to guide you to understand why shopping independently is better than at larger corporations. 

Why should you support independent businesses?

A Passionate Business Owner

Taking the leap and starting your own business is no easy feat; it requires hard work and dedication to get their brand off the ground. But, for a customer, this tells you that this business has been created by someone who cares. They are exceptionally passionate about this industry, so much so they are willing to stick their neck out and take a risk with their livelihood. Therefore, in terms of your purchase, these owners will need to put in the research to ensure their goods hit the mark. 

By choosing to shop independently, not only are you acknowledging someone’s risk and showing support by shopping there; but you will be rewarded with well-researched designs and products. After all, independent shop owners will always need to prove their worth, unlike large corporations. 

Appreciated Sales

No matter what independent business you shop in, your business will be appreciated, and often long-lasting relationships can be built. Unlike franchises and large retailers, your purchase will be known by the business owner! And the financial implications of this sale will go right to the heart of the business, helping to secure its future. 

A Personal Touch

Shopping with smaller businesses, you will more often be greeted with a friendly face and someone who is genuinely invested in the business’s success. We are not suggesting that assistants in bigger firms are not approachable; instead, these premises are run by a number-driven board of directors. At an independent shop or online retailer, the owner values your enquiries and shopping experience from the off. It is quite common for the founder to answer your questions directly, package up your orders or even serve you face-to-face on the till. 

Something Different

To stand out from the big boys in the industry, independent brands need to offer something unique to catch the attention of customers. Otherwise, it can be difficult to compete. As a result, these smaller business owners will often think outside the box in order to offer the customer a new shopping experience or alternative. 

Their innovation and creativity often lead to the development of new trends and crazes. So why not be a trendsetter and stand out from the rest? All these businesses need is a platform to become the next big thing.

Sustainable Alternatives

Independent businesses are leading the way in sustainable practice. Nowadays, customers are more aware of the effect we are all having on the environment. As a result, the retail industry is seeing a shift; 69% of 18–44-year-olds and 50% of those aged 45 and over would be willing to spend more on eco-friendly products. For small businesses, if they are not already sustainable, a move towards this can be rolled out fairly easily. On the other hand, such a change would naturally take more planning for larger brands. 

Shopping at small, independently owned brands is often generally more ethical and sustainable as many are not mass-producing their products. Instead, products are created in relation to demand, and many look for alternative sources. At Universal Flip, a significant focus was on ensuring that manufacturing standards were met, including the fair treatment of all involved. This is why our products are created with ethically sourced and ethically-manufactured materials. 

By supporting those who are making a conscious stance to be ethically and environmentally friendly, you are helping to reduce the demand for fast fashion. Unfortunately, many large retailers rely on this strategy to constantly turnover goods. However, this method rapidly destroys ecosystems, contributing to landfills and using unethical employment practices. 

As you can see, by choosing small independent businesses, you are not only helping people achieve their dreams, you are nurturing creativity and improving the environment. Without our loyal customers, we at Universal Flip would not have been able to achieve our dreams and make our lives our own. We can live each day doing what we love and knowing that we are inspiring other people to do the same. Creating an independent business during the age of online shopping and fast fashion was a leap of faith, especially as an independent designer. It is truly rewarding that our customers have helped our brand grow to what it is today, and that’s why we want to encourage our customers to shop independent and inspire others to do so. 

If you’re new to Universal Flip and perhaps want to take a chance on the little guy, then please head over to our website today to see what we’re all about.