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Sustainable Manufacturing Practises: All you need to know.

When Universal Flip was created, we knew its sustainability was essential to the brand. Our key objective was to create stylish and durable accessories at no cost to the environment. However, we wanted our sustainability to go further, ensuring our products are produced by ethical manufacturing processes too. This means that we can guarantee the fair treatment of everyone who plays their part in producing our sustainable products. 

We are proud to be an ethical and sustainable brand, but we also want to promote how crucial it is for other businesses to join us and share these values. Changing to sustainable manufacturing processes is the best choice for the longevity of a brand and our planet. Studies have shown that, when given a choice, 4 out of 5 people would choose to shop for a more sustainable option over a less sustainable option.

So what is sustainable manufacturing? It’s all well and good talking about the importance of sustainable brands, but what does this really mean? Please keep reading to find out what goes on behind the scenes of our sustainable manufacturing processes. 

What is the goal of Sustainable Manufacturing? 

In our opinion, sustainable manufacturing is the future! It aims to put the environment at the heart of production while promoting societal health and safety throughout the product’s lifecycle.

Therefore, sustainable manufacturing aims:

  • To create the most high-end materials with the least impact on the environment. This means conserving energy and protecting natural resources with further aims of improving employee welfare and treatment of farmers. 
  • To optimise the current manufacturing process, continuously striving toward better sustainable practices and constantly improving upon the current manufacturing stages. 
  • To increase energy efficiency by using low, clean or renewable energy resources, overall decreasing the manufacturing process’s impact on the environment.
  • To produce less waste, in regards to pollution and physical waste. For example, one such way is introducing natural cycles into the manufacturing process, such as using discarded materials as sources for other products. 
  • To achieve industrial symbiosis. Don’t get intimidated by the fancy word; this really just means improving cross-industry resource efficiency, helping other organisations source raw materials and share logistics.

As you can see, a great lot of thought goes into the design and production of our sustainable materials as, most importantly, they are designed to last. The difference between our sustainable products and fast fashion items is that the latter is designed to be discarded and thrown away. 

What is Fast Fashion? 

Fast fashion is a term that refers to a large proportion of the fashion industry today. Thanks to the help of social media and online shopping, people are more eager than ever to have the latest and trendiest wardrobes. Unfortunately, the only way to keep up with the ‘micro-trends’ created by social media is to produce garments at a rapid rate intended to be worn once and then disposed of when the next trend kicks in. This has a devastating effect on the environment — tens of thousands of clothing items are disposed of every minute

Why should you shop sustainably?

  • Better for the planet
  • Promotes health – fewer chemicals needed for materials 
  • Supporting small businesses
  • Protecting workers and manufacturers
  • Individual and unique products
  • Good practices – less water, less energy, recycled materials, fair wages and more!

The only trend we want to dispose of is fast fashion, and that is why as a fashion brand, it is essential to us that we remain both sustainable and ethical. So, if you are interested in starting your sustainable fashion journey, please head over to our website today to browse our collection. Not only will you look you’re best, but you’ll also feel better knowing that you chose to shop sustainably creator a greener planet.