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Our Top Long-Haul Holiday Destinations

Who would’ve thought that having the best airport outfit would be on the list of most travellers today, but what better way to get into the holiday spirit than planning your airport outfit to show everyone you’re jetting off somewhere exotic! However, you may want to prioritise comfort over glam for long-haul flights – luckily, here at Universal Flip, we understand both! Ensuring you look your best on holiday whilst remaining practical and on-trend. So make everyone jealous with our Ciao Trucker Cap, stating plain and simple that you’re leaving the cold UK for somewhere exotic. 

Travelling long-haul pretty much guarantees a picturesque destination, and branching out of Europe is an excellent way of experiencing exotic beaches and cultures, unlike anything you’ve ever seen. 

Top Long Haul Travel Destinations:

Sri Lanka

Whilst this island is smaller than Scotland, its opportunities for exploration, relaxation and fun are endless. So it’s no wonder that it has become a top travel destination amongst long haul flyers. With stunning beaches and exotic wildlife such as elephants and leopards, there’s an activity for everyone, and since it’s so small, it means you can tick plenty off your bucket list! Discover untouched islands nearby and drift along the Indian sea by boat, exploring the deep blue oceans and the marine life that inhabit it – blue whales favour the waters of Sri Lanka! As well as an idyllic wildlife haven, Sri Lanka offers a diverse range of cultures, and tourists can visit the spectacular temples of Colombo. 


Although Thailand is far from home, you will feel at peace instantly as it is recognised as one of the most welcoming countries – nicknamed the ‘land of smiles’. Not only does Thailand resemble paradise on earth with its crystal clear waters, white-sand beaches and exotic wildlife. It is also home to bustling cities with the incredible Grand Palace and delicious street foods to try on floating food markets! Island hop amongst one of the world’s most dramatic coastlines and explore quieter beaches away from tourists. The calm, gentle sea makes island exploring by kayak a fantastic experience too. Get up close to elephants and tigers at ethically responsible wildlife sanctuaries for an unforgettable experience. 

The Maldives

Most people know the Maldives as the ultimate destination. With water inconceivably clear making it the perfect tropical destination for snorkelling and scuba diving. Become immersed in an underwater world clearer than ever before. Known famously for its floating resort hotels, travellers can have their own hut on the water. With an extensive range of water sports, the Maldives is an excellent location for having fun in the sun, or, if you would rather relax, then take the sunset cruise to experience some of the most extraordinary skies of your life. 


Put your fajita kits away and try the real thing. Mexico offers delicious cuisine consumed globally. However, Mexico has way more to offer than tacos and margaritas (although make sure to consume plenty of both when there). Mexico boasts fabulous beaches, dynamic cities and fascinating culture; Mexico truly has it all in terms of an ideal holiday. From ancient Mayan ruins to boutique resorts, there’s something for everyone in Mexico, whether exploring the volcanic regions or cage diving with great whites! Perhaps you’d rather sit and watch from the splendid beaches or try some of the world’s best tequilas. Mexico is truly worth the long haul flight.


It is already a popular long-haul destination for families due to its combination of incredible theme parks and golden beaches. The Everglades, with its subtropical climate, is home to crocodiles and alligators galore, as well as hundreds of other animal species. So if you want a break from the famous theme parks and beaches, it’s a great change of scenery. If you’re travelling a great distance with kids, then you’ll want to make it worth it by keeping them busy. With plenty of activities to keep kids entertained, you’ll also be able to relax knowing everyone’s having the holiday of a lifetime. Treat yourself this holiday with our beach bundle so you can look good on the gorgeous Floridian beaches and Disney water parks. 

If you’re going long haul, you want to make sure it’s the holiday of a lifetime. Enjoy your holiday in comfort and style so you can look back on holiday pictures with a smile. Visit us today to secure your perfect holiday accessories!