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Our Top Five Destinations for Some Autumn Sun!

Global travel is on the rise again! After an uncertain summer for holidays abroad, the opportunity for an autumn escape is back. With a typical British summer this August, why not jet away for some autumnal sunshine? 

You won’t need to endure a long-haul flight either! As you can extend that summer feeling into these Mediterranean destinations. Read on to discover our top, must-visit locations this autumn.

Andalucia, Spain

With average temperatures around 32 degrees (Celsius), why not treat yourself to an exotic autumn break! Andalucia’s temperatures remain within the low 30s well into the autumn months, meaning you can keep your holiday spirit. Booking a late holiday here also has the appeal of other perks. 

Andalucia’s beaches are stunning; large expanses of golden sands accompany a glittering, turquoise sea. However, in the height of the summer months, these beaches are packed. There’s hardly any space to place your Sandy Footprints Beach Blankets! Jetting away for a September break can solve these problems. Not only are the beaches far quieter, but you can head into the cooler climes of the surrounding hills for some rambling. 

What’s more, if you’re keen to explore, you are well-located for one of Andalusia’s lesser-known National Parks, Sierra de Aracena. Here, you can pop on some trainers and grab your Trucker Cap and wander the wooded valleys, whitewashed villages and groves of chestnuts. At this time of year, you will be treated to a beautiful array of colours as their leaves turn golden and red. 

With a lively market, limestone caves, and an incredible 13th-Century church built by the Knights Templar, Aracena is a feast for your eyes. And, stomachs too! With tapas bars and cafés, you must try the region’s famous setas (wild mushrooms)!

Dahab, Egypt

Another top destination for a September getaway is Dahab in Egypt. For those chasing the last of the Mediterranean rays, you’ll definitely have the chance of seeing your fair share. With average temperatures hitting 31 degrees, unlike summer, you’ll have more chance of taking in the sites. In the height of summer, you would face unbearable temperatures around 38 degrees! In autumn, you can still enjoy plenty of sunshine and comfortable warmer nights. 

Dahab is located 100km north of the commercial town Sharm el-Sheikh. Unlike its neighbour, however, Dahab has a very chilled vibe. Diving is especially popular due to the diversity of reefs along its coastline. Moreover, with a constant breeze for around 270 days a year, giving windsurfing a go is a must! 

From here, you are able to day trip to the Coloured Canyon to experience some dramatic rock foundations or have a moment’s peace at St Catherine’s Monastery, at the foot of Mount Sinai. 

Lanzarote, Canary Islands

Did you know, Lanzarote is only 70km from the western parts of the Sahara? Due to its desert-like climes, this destination is best visited in autumn. The north-easterly trade winds that supply the stifling summer heat from March to August drop considerably. The sea is at its warmest, retaining the heat from the summer sun. And, as if that is not tempting enough, the summer crowds have dispersed.

With average temperatures just shy of 30 degrees, now is the time to trek the island’s volcanic peaks. The island is geographically a shield volcano, which has remained dormant from its third and last eruption in 1824. Yet, despite its historic status, you can still feel the heat under the surface at Timanfaya!

The National Park of Timanfaya also referred to as Fire Mountain, is a spectacle you must see! With its striking red and core landscape that looks very much like you could be on Mars. And, not to mention its seismic activity!

Kas, Turkey

At a similar temperature to Lanzarote, Kas in Turkey is also perfect for an autumn holiday. Still very sunny, but without the overbearing heat, this relaxed, old fishing village makes for a tranquil break. Situated on the Lycian coast, the southern village is a walker’s paradise. Make sure you pack your walking boots as there is a 500km footpath stretching from Fethiye to Antalya, allowing you to explore the ancient land of Lycia. As Kas is located in the southernmost sections, it makes a handy base. 

Whether you’re a keen diver, or fancy giving it a go, Kas is a great place for spotting a fish or two! The locals believe the best time to dive in is after autumn’s first rainfall, which tends to be between late September to last October. Only then are the fish in these waters most active. 

Rhodes, Greece

Another favourite of ours in September is the Greek island of Rhodes. No matter which Greek island you choose in autumn, you will find warm sunshine and small crowds. However, out of 227 islands(!!), we choose Rhodes. From July to August, its medieval Old Town is teeming with tourists. However, if you book yourself an autumn break, you can have Rhodes’ narrow alleys nearly all to yourself.

With Ottoman-style mansions and tranquil squares, there is something to discover on every corner. We also recommend visiting Petaloudes (Butterfly Valley), an extremely popular tourist attraction. When visiting outside of the main season, this lovely green dell found in the centre of the island is a haven for brightly coloured insects. They only inhabit the valley from May to September, so don’t leave it too late to visit!

Despite avoiding the main season, temperatures still reach the high 20s, allowing for a comfortable day on the beach. Take a visit to Kalithea, 8km south, to enjoy its hot medicinal springs. 

As always, no matter where you are heading this September, be sure to take your Holiday Essentials. At Universal Flip, we offer sustainable beachwear and beach accessories to help ensure you have everything you need and more! Explore our website today. And, have a wonderful September Getaway!