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The designer behind the Universal Flip beach bag and accessories range is our fashion guru, Nicky. 

Like many women, especially those born and raised in Liverpool like herself, she has always had a passion for fashion, especially sustainable fashion. 

From high-end couture to boho chic, she loves it all! You name it, she knows all about it!

However, spending her summer days on the golden sand of the most picturesque beaches in Australia while living the cafe culture lifestyle surrounded by beautiful sun-kissed people made Nicky realise that she had developed a new passion over ten years. Visiting the beach.

So getting inspiration from her two passions – fashion and the beach – she upgraded her idea of creating a range of affordable beach accessories to it being her mission. Soon after returning to the UK, Universal Flip was born!

Our Story.

Nicky created Universal Flip to spread the joy of beachy trips and increase overall happiness while minimising throwaway fashion as much as she possibly could.

As she felt the magic and freedom of the ocean every time she lay on a beach, she wanted others to experience the same and more through her products. 

Affordable and sustainable, the products at Universal Flip are created for the environmentally friendly, the sun worshipers, the city dwellers and everyone in between!

Through her ethically made products, Nicky aims to combat the problem of throwaway fashion one sandy footprint at a time.

Message From Nicky.

I have come across many passions that I still hold dear throughout my life, and I continuously strive to bring them into my creations, designs, final products, and manufacturing processes. 

The primary mission I have for Universal Flip is to bring sustainability and style together through a harmony of ethically made products that are luxurious and affordable. 

I genuinely believe that, as a designer, we should care about manufacturing standards and ensure that workers within the industry are treated fairly. That is why I insist that my entire range is made from ethically sourced and manufactured materials.

Designed and made with love, Nicky x

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