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Less is More: Stylish Accessories to Complete Every Outfit

Over the past decade, consumerism and fast fashion have skyrocketed thanks to online shopping and the emergence of fast-fashion brands. As more and more of us use social media, we tend to want and desire more things. Whether that be tiny sunglasses thanks to Kim Kardashian, leather jackets in response to the latest Matrix movie or chunky resin rings found all over TikTok.

All of these can be referred to as ‘micro-trends;’ these micro-trends are responsible for fast fashion and our ever-changing wants and needs from the fashion industry. Since micro-trends rise and fall at rapid rates, the only way for consumers to keep up is to shop from fast fashion websites designed to produce the latest trending pieces cheaply. This means they are designed to go out of fashion and only be worn a few times at most. 

The Damaging Effect of Fast Fashion

Many people are in denial over the detrimental effects of fast fashion on the environment and its contribution to the impending climate crisis. Since these items are created to be thrown into landfills, 10,000 items of clothing are discarded to landfill every five minutes! It makes you want to rethink that recent haul of clothing you may have ordered, doesn’t it? 

The need and demand for ethical, sustainable businesses is so crucial during these times as a means of encouraging people to shop from the correct sources. Whilst it may be more expensive, can you really put a price on a better planet for everyone? Investing in some staple accessories that are bound to last you a lifetime is way cooler than keeping up with a trend that may last a month. So stand out from the crowd and shop sustainably, ethically and fashionably from Universal Flip

Sustainable and Stylish Accessories

Buying accessories is one of the best and easiest ways to keep your wardrobe looking fresh and stylish without having to regularly shop. For example, with the help of a bundle of accessories from Universal Flip, you can combine and mix up a range of outfits for any occasion. Be a trendsetter, not a trend follower. This is one of the surest ways to ensure you are not only shopping ethically and sustainably but you are encouraging others to shop in a more eco-friendly way. 

Eco-friendly accessories are a great way to unlock new outfits and avoid the worry of outfit repetition. ‘Outfit repeating‘ is a recent idea coined from the stigma of wearing the same outfit more than once. Unfortunately, the media has not helped with this anxiety, reporting every time a celebrity wears a repeated look. Consequently, more people feel ashamed of wearing their favourite pieces again, leading to them going out and buying more clothes. This idea is one of the main contributors to fast fashion as it causes a neverending cycle. 

Removing the Stigma

However, just because on Instagram you may never see the same influencers wearing the same thing twice doesn’t mean they don’t outfit repeat. And, if anything, we believe it should be championed! Increasing the lifetime of your clothes and getting more from your money is a win-win, especially when your accessorising skills are helping the planet.

2022 is all about shopping sustainably and saying goodbye to fast fashion. Get ahead of the trends and shop from independent brands. Here at Universal Flip, we love nothing more than to create ethical and sustainable accessories to suit all your needs. Our love for travelling and beaches is what inspired us to create eco-friendly accessories. We all want to be able to enjoy the world’s natural habitats for years to come, so by shopping sustainably, we can do just that whilst looking our best. 

If you are interested in shopping at our sustainable fashion brand, please head over to our website and browse today. We promise you’ll be inspiring people all over to shop sustainably!