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How to Fall In Love With Beach Holidays

In 2019, around 135 million day trips were made to the English coast and seaside by domestic tourists. But, despite an extremely high figure, not everyone shares this love for the beach and the sea.

Yes, that’s right! Unfortunately, there are plenty of people across the world who cannot get comfortable in this environment. If you are an avid beachgoer, though, you might be asking yourself – why? 

Well, there are multiple reasons why people may feel uncomfortable on a beach. From germaphobes struggling with the thought of touching the sand to those who are unsure about the sea, there is always a reason. 

However, even if the beach is not your idea of a great day out, that doesn’t mean you should miss out on spending time with your family and friends! No matter what reasoning you have for disliking part of our natural world, there is always something that can help you fall in love with the beach.

Please keep reading to find out the top three biggest dislikes of the beach and how to combat it.


The golden grains that make up a beach are made up of eroded rocks, shells and organisms from the ocean. Despite it being beautiful to look at, sand is so fine that it goes everywhere and fails to leave your side! 

However, a great way to dealing with this is to sit on a beach blanket instead of sitting directly on the sand. This will minimise your contact and can stop you from trailing the irritating substance around for weeks on end. 

At Universal Flip, our beach blanket is large enough for you and your loved ones to spread out across the sand. The natural cotton material makes it lightweight, and it is a perfect addition to your summer beach bag! 


Spending some time at the beach can be fun if it wasn’t for the sea breeze messing up your luscious locks and whipping sand into your face. 

Anyone who has ever visited the beach will know just how awful it is to get sand in your eyes and mouth, especially when it feels like you’re chewing on sandpaper and your eyes are so itchy and painful. 

So, to stop this from happening and ruining your beach holiday, it is best to invest in a beach shelter or beach tent and always have it on your beach bag essentials list. 

Not only does a beach tent and shelter protect you from the harsh wind, so all you can feel is the heat of the sun, but it also stops the sand from going anywhere near your face and body.

Another way to protect your eyes is with a peaked hat. Our trucker caps offer an excellent shield for your eyes with a stiff, broad peak, keeping the sun and sand away. And, with mesh panels on the back and side, not only are they breathable, but your hair will stay out of your face and sand-free!


From hidden riptides to not being sure what you might stand on if you enter the blue water, it is understandable that hundreds of people despise sea swimming. But, you don’t need to dip a toe into the water to fall in love with the ocean. 

Simply just sitting on the beach while staring out at the blue sea can be what dissolves away your fear and dislike. Listening to the waves roll into shore is known to relax you and create a sense of calmness while de-stressing your senses and warding off any anxiety and depression

Another way to enjoy the ocean without worrying about currents or standing on something unknown is to walk on the shoreline wearing water shoes. With the water lapping at your ankles and water shoes strapped to your feet, you are perfectly safe to explore and enjoy your surroundings.

Falling in love with beach holidays doesn’t have to be a stressful time for you and your loved ones. All you have to do is take your time and pay attention to the environment around you and let your senses relax. 

At Universal Flip, we believe that everyone should enjoy the magic of the ocean while staying positive and letting the sun melt their worries and fears away. So, if you are fortunate enough to go on a beach holiday this year, why don’t you upgrade your beach accessories? Browse our sustainable and ethically made products here.