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How to Effectively Pack Your Holiday Suitcase.

Packing a suitcase always feels daunting. So much so that you put it off until the last possible moment, which creates even more unnecessary stress. Now, coming out of lockdown, packing seems like a distant memory and an even more intimidating task.

Though it is understandable why your stress reaches high peaks when you try to pack, there are many ways to pack a suitcase, and perhaps this is why there is so much anguish around packing and unpacking. Some people like to make everything neat and organised, while others try to cram as much as possible into such a small space.

However, you don’t need to fret anymore! If you keep reading, you will find out how to pack a suitcase effectively.

  • Roll and Fold.

If you have many items to pack, using both the roll and fold techniques can be a massive advantage for you as it enables you to fit more into your suitcase.

As rolling your clothes can reduce wrinkles, it’s best to roll softer garments such as T-shirts and jeans and fold stiffer ones like skirts, blazers and dressy trousers. With this method, not only will everything fit into your bag; but, everything is more likely to unpack ready to wear!

  • Arrange Clothing Thoughtfully. 

You will want to create layers to maximise space in your suitcase. So start by;

  • Place softer clothing that has been rolled at the bottom of your suitcase. Then put in your folded clothes. 
  • For the middle layer, begin with the most extended items such as trousers and skirts and lay them on top of each other, always alternating waists with hems. As thick waistbands won’t be piled on top of each other, you will be able to conserve space by laying the clothing down the length of your suitcase and draping the excess fabric over the opposite ends.
  • Wrap the draping ends into a tight pile at the centre.
  • Then lay collars of shorter items, such as shirts, at the hinge with the ends over the handles.
  • Fold the collars and ends over once before folding the arms in.
  • Finally, wrap belts around the perimeter of the bag, so they take up as little space as possible while adding another layer of security around the other three layers.

Another method of creating layers in between your clothes is by using a beach blanket. This is useful as any liquid spillage won’t affect all of your clothes.

At Universal Flip, we have a large beach blanket on sale, perfect for creating one or two layers in your suitcase. All you need to do is fold it in half! Take a look here.

  • Use the Clothing Countdown Method.

If you are struggling with how much clothing you should take for a weeklong trip, use the 5,4,3,2,1 rule. 

The key is to limit yourself to no more than five sets of socks and underwear, four tops, three bottoms (such as skirts and trousers), two pairs of shoes, and one hat. This list can be reevaluated and adjusted to suit your needs if necessary. Also, don’t forget to add a swimsuit, gym set or even a suit jacket or dress, depending on your holiday type.

  • Packing Cubes.

Using packing cubes to pack your suitcase is a great way to organise and group your clothes into piles of either colours or types, so for example, all your shirts in one and underwear in another.

Packing cubes are also helpful to stop smaller items from rolling around while keeping your clothes wrinkle-free, no matter if you’re a folder or roller. Also, you can keep your liquids separate from your clothes, which means there will be extra protection if anything spills or explodes in your bag.

Alternatively, if you run out of packing cubes or need a makeshift one, the Universal Flip beach bag is a perfect option. Not only does it suit all holiday types, but the beach bag is large and lightweight with a canvas shell and can fit more than just a few shirts in it. 

Moreover, all of our beach bags fold away flat, perfect for sliding into your suitcase! Their flat-pack feature means that they hardly take up any valuable suitcase space, unlike the more traditional straw baskets. They are easily popped on top of all your belongings as a last-minute addition to your packing! 

  • Toiletries at the Top.

A method you should never forget when packing is to keep all toiletries in a clear bag at the very top. This ensures that if your bag gets chosen for a security check, all of your clothes are left untouched as the transportation security officers can easily see and get to your liquids. 

  • Cover Each Layer With a Dry-Cleaning Bag.

Using a dry-cleaning bag in between each layer of clothes can effectively stop creasing in your folded clothes as they won’t be in one place long enough for creases to set in. Using the bags also allows you to get to each layer of your packing quicker.

With the help of the six methods above, you’ll be a packing wizard in no time! At Universal Flip, we understand the importance of effectively packing your suitcase to simplify the unpacking process. Through our products, you will be able to pack everything neatly while also equipping yourself with great accessories for your holiday. To browse all our ethical and sustainable products, please click here.