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Have a Merry Christmas on the Beach

Last Christmas was a disaster. Lockdown restrictions were still in place, although “Christmas bubbles” were allowed to be formed locally, meaning many of us couldn’t travel to see loved ones wherever they were. It was a time when the festive season didn’t feel as merry or jolly.

Fast forward one year and things are looking a lot different. International travel restrictions have been largely lifted and more than 106,000,000 Covid-19 vaccinations have been given in the UK. So now it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas after all!

Considering how last year was a write-off in terms of celebrations, many of us will be aiming to double the fun to make up for lost time. And why not? We all deserve it!

One way we can do this is by taking a well-needed holiday break somewhere nice and hot. This Christmas has to feel special, and spending it on the beach is a way of achieving just that.

So here’s our list of countries with plenty of beaches and lovely weather:


Being situated in the east of the Mediterranean, Cyprus is a fantastic choice for many of us wanting to catch some rays and celebrate Christmas Day. The average temperature around here is 18°C in December and sunshine lasts for approximately nine hours a day. You won’t find much difference wherever you go either as the Troodos and Kyrenia mountains shelter the country.

Take a trip to Makronissos Beach or Coral Bay for when you want to soak up the sun. These locations are idyllic for beachgoers, allowing you to have fun in the sand or in the waters. It beats being drenched in the pouring rain or getting trapped inside due to heavy snowfall as well.

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Wherever you may find yourself in Indonesia during December, you are going to be roasting due to the 85°F to 98°F (29°C to 36°C) weather. Your days will start off bright and sunny, but you may experience the odd shower now and again. It’s worth staying there though because of all the amazing landscapes and great things to do.

Pink Beach in Flores is a sight to behold. This unique setting is one of only seven found across the entire planet, so go there and tick it off your bucket list! We also recommend Koka Beach which can also be found in Flores. So why don’t you ‘kill two birds with one stone’ and travel from one to the other.


Then it’s time to jet off to the birthplace of reggae music and the home of phenomenal rainforests, mountains and beaches that is Jamaica. As it’s part of the Caribbean, you will be experiencing average temperatures of around 27°C and a 61% chance of perfect sunny weather.

The beaches are out of this world by the way. Negril Beach and Doctor’s Cave Beach are two you desperately need to see for yourself. The sands are perfect and the waters picturesque to say the absolute least. We can’t do this country justice enough.

We think you’ll find our Sandy Footprints Beach Blanket useful for all the sunbathing too!


Not so far away to the west, you’ll come across Mexico with its equally fine weather and beautiful beaches. On average, the typical day will see temperatures of 24°C and 57% chance of perfect sunny weather. December is an ideal time to visit Mexico where you can also celebrate Christmas! It’s a month full of celebrations where you can have plenty of family feasts.

In terms of beaches, Mexico has Costa Alegre, Isla Holbox, Isla Espíritu Santo, Playa Mazunte and many, many more. The natural beauty on display in the sand is only matched by the water which is sparkling and crystal clear. Go for a nice, calming dip and then relax when you’re done. What a Christmas that’ll be!

South Africa

Finally, we have the diverse country of South Africa. Over here you can celebrate Christmas in varying temperatures depending on where you’re staying. Daily temperatures average 24°C in Cape Town, 25°C in Johannesburg and 32°C in Kruger, so choose wisely! Quite simply, we don’t think we could ourselves. All three areas are fantastic, so maybe go on a backpacking trip?!

Robberg Beach, Camps Bay Beach, Llandudno Beach, Kogal Bay Beach, and Langebaan Beach are all great options to choose from. Each has its own draws which will excite and intrigue you. Perhaps try your hand at surfing and celebrate Christmas in ultimate style!

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