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Get your Beach Bag Ready for 4th July!

The 4th of July is fast approaching. Make sure you’re ready to make this year’s celebrations just as good, if not better than last! Despite the majority of states cancelling daytime events, parades, and firework displays due to the coronavirus pandemic, this does not mean your own celebrations need to be called off too. 

Keep reading for your guide on how to celebrate American nationhood in style! Grab your beach bag, and let’s go.

Independence Day Celebrations

Each year, American’s come together to celebrate their nation’s birthday and Independence Day on July 4th. And this Sunday sees America’s 245th birthday! 

Ever since the passage of the Declaration of Independence by the Continental Congress, America has marked its separation from Great Britain in 1776 with Independence Day; but, it wasn’t until later in 1941 that the date was recognised as a public holiday and a reason to celebrate. 

As the leisure industry accelerated, July 4th became known as a major midsummer holiday. Enthusiastically marked by flamboyant parades, concerts of patriotic music, and spectacular fireworks displays down the country, Independence Day is a key date on the American calendar.

This year, however, celebrations may look a little different. Despite the vaccination programme gearing up, many states are still scaling back their events in order to keep people safe from Covid-19.

On the other hand, other states are going ahead with outdoor firework displays, where social distancing will be possible. For example, Miami has released its firework programmes, and similar plans are stretching from California to Texas and on to Florida. Even New York City’s Macy’s will be going ahead with their annual firework event.

If your state has closed its beaches in fear of a spike in Covid-19 cases, nothing is stopping you from celebrating at home. The most important thing is staying safe and well, but as long as you’re careful and take the necessary precautions, your July 4th can be equally as fun! So bring the beach to your own backyard!    

Your Beach Bag Essentials for July 4th

Whether you’re off to your friend’s, family member’s or neighbour’s garden or open space for your own July 4th celebrations, make sure you’ve got your Independence Day essentials ready! Grab your beach bag to help you get in the mood for your big beach/garden/July 4th extravaganza! 

Our beach bags are perfect for throwing in all your necessities. Especially our ‘Unplugged’ canvas design, with a soft but sturdy main body, you don’t need to worry about running out of room! Once your beach bag has been located, you are ready to get packing.

Beach Blanket

The must-have for all outdoor events, a beach blanket is a perfect way to bring your friends and family together safely. First, patchwork your beach blankets together to create a wonderful picnic area. Then, whether you choose to light up the BBQ at home or have some fun around a campfire, you will be much more comfortable on a soft blanket.

Our ‘Sandy Footprints’ beach blanket is perfect for outdoor activities. If you’re able to get down on the beach, this blanket will also double up as a lightweight towel if you fancy a splash. And, what’s more, when the evening comes, and the firework displays begin, you can also wrap up in your blanket to round off your night.

A Trucker Cap

Wherever you choose to spend your day, if you’re outside enjoying yourself, you’ll want some protection from the sun. There’s nothing worse than feeling unwell from too much heat, particularly when it would mean missing out on Independence Day!

Fear not! With our brand new range of trucker caps, you will also be able to stay cool all day long! With three designs to choose from, there’s a cap for everyone. And, with patriotic colours, you’ll be right on trend on July 4th. 

Flags, Banners and Bunting

The majority of carnivals may be cancelled, but nothing is stopping you from decking out your garden! So even if you’re off to see friends or family, load your beach bag up with decorations and join in the party spirit.

If you haven’t got any flags to hand, you can always get crafty. Paper chains are a simple but effective way to liven up your July 4th picnic/BBQ. See if everyone who is attending can create paper chains that can be joined together on the day. You could even make a competition out of it to ensure you’ll have plenty of bunting!

Party Games

You can’t have a party without party games, and since it’s America’s birthday, let’s keep it somewhat patriotic with a friendly game of baseball! With your handy beach bag on standby, make sure you pack your bat and a couple of balls, just in case. With easy ways to team up, one household versus another, or even kids against parents, fun is sure to be had by all.

Without all the fairgrounds, there’s nothing stopping you from creating some homemade stalls for your event. Replicate a coconut shy with tin cans, Hook-a-Duck in the paddling pool, really let your imagination go. 

Celebrations for this year’s Independence Day may be on a smaller scale than normal, but with a little bit of effort and creativity, you may find them to be the most memorable yet. If you are fortunate enough to get down to some beach celebrations, we are always on hand with some stylish beach accessories. Find out more about our ethical and sustainable products here.

In the meantime, we wish you a fabulous Independence Day and hope you can make the most of your celebrations!