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Fast Fashion: How to Avoid It!

‘Fast fashion’ is a relatively new term that has become a hot topic of conversation around the world when it comes to discussing sustainability; it refers to the process of mass-producing garments in response to the latest trends and selling them for low prices. We used to think that the only contributors to our environmental crisis were vehicles and meat farming. However, no one can deny the detrimental effects fast fashion has upon our planet. I know it’s hard to turn down a bargain and a garment coming at a seemingly low price sounds great at first; however, whilst you may only be paying a small cost, someone somewhere is paying that price for you. The fast fashion industry has had numerous scandals when it comes to ethical working rights and sustainability questions. Whilst unethical working conditions are typically found in poorer countries, the rapid demand for fast fashion has forced sweatshops to emerge within Britain to produce clothing. 

Why has fast fashion emerged? 

Thanks to social media, clothing trends are rising and falling faster than ever. From the rise and fall of chunky resin rings to mini-bags and tiny sunglasses – trends emerge and recede daily. People can only keep up with the trends if they give in to fast fashion, which can be produced rapidly due to its poor quality. Furthermore, since people know that the trends are likely to change and shift rapidly, buying garments of low-grade quality is insignificant as they are likely to dispose of the garments in due time anyway. Did you know that a sickening 10,000 items of clothing are added to landfills every 5 minutes! Hopefully, that stat will make us all rethink the social construct of outfit repeating shame. That’s right; most of us hate the idea of wearing the same outfit twice, but really – what’s so wrong about that? Why should we be made to feel embarrassed for wearing the same items of clothing? If we liked them enough to purchase them, we should get enough wear out of them. 

Shopping sustainably

Another issue to tackle is the price difference between a sustainable brand and a fast-fashion brand. For some people, shopping sustainably might be perceived as a luxury reserved for those that can afford it, as let’s face it, small, sustainable businesses such as ourselves will never be able to offer the low price tag of an unethical, unsustainable product. However, by shopping sustainably, you will likely receive a product that will outlive and outmatch any fast fashion brand on durability and quality. Plus, you can rest easy knowing that manufacturers were paid for their labours and looked after throughout the process of making your garment, a promise that fast fashion brands cannot make. Furthermore, as a sustainable, ethical brand, we design all our products to wear for a lifetime. That’s why we use neutral colours and designs that will never go out of style and so will never be thrown out! Furthermore, most sustainable products are designed in a timeless manner so that you only have to make a one-time investment for a product that will last you years to come! 

Don’t worry for those of you who want to shop ethically but feel they cannot pay the price of sustainable brands! Shopping second-hand is one of the best ways to shop and tackle the environmental crisis the fashion industry is having upon the world. Whether you choose to shop in charity shops, thrift stores or popular selling apps such as Vinted and Depop, shopping second-hand is a great way to find one of a kind pieces of a much higher quality than the clothing we are accustomed to today! Plus, most of the clothes you find second hand are the original inspiration for many fashion trends today – whether that be a Y2K mini skirt or a 70s Afghan coat, these popular current trends can often be found cheap second hand! 

As you can see, at Universal Flip, we not only love fashion and all the latest trends, but we also love our planet! We make sure to ethically source all of our sustainable materials so that you can look great and also shop knowing that you aren’t damaging the environment. Shopping sustainably is only a small change and can have one of the greatest impacts on the future of our planet. Do your part and shop our sustainable range of accessories!