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Ethical Gift Ideas for your Valentine

Whilst it may feel like Christmas was only the other day, Valentine’s Day is almost upon us! Now is the time to start thinking of more gift ideas for your special someone. However, while Valentine’s is another occasion to spend money on someone you love, it’s important not to get swept up in the holiday mood and forget to shop sustainably. 

When thinking of a gift for the special person in your life, chocolates and flowers come to mind as a classic choice. But, both of these options are only going to last a couple of weeks at most! And, with most food goods and bouquets coming wrapped in single-use plastic, they don’t have the best impact on our environment. So, instead, how about you spend your money on something long-lasting, sustainable and ethical? After all, something that will last years will serve as a keepsake and reminder of you. 

To help you think outside the box this Valentine’s Day, we have put together our Universal Flip sustainable gift guide!  

Even if you’ve booked a romantic trip for you and your partner or planned a homecooked meal, why not treat them to a little extra something to give them on the day? Your loved one will be ready to go wherever you have planned with our stylish accessories!

Universal Flip’s Sustainable Gift Guide for Valentine’s Day 2022: 

Beachology Beach Bag 

First on our list is our Beachology Beach Bag! Whether you’ve got a mini-break planned or are already looking forward to the summer holidays, our beach bag will get your special someone excited for the memories you plan to make. 

This bag is an ideal size that is not only perfect for beach trips and short getaways for any occasion. It is extremely multi-functional, with a robust leather strap; it can also be the ideal shoulder bag for busy mums and shopaholics alike. Made from sustainable cotton canvas, it reduces the need for plastic shopping bags while remaining on-trend and in style.


Next, we have our new BE KIND Bag! Again, this stylish and fabulous bag makes an ideal gift for those on the go. It is durable enough to carry a large load whilst remaining the perfect accessory for any outfit. Its on-trend grey colouring allows your loved one to dress this bag up or down, with its chain strap adding an evening feel. 

Sandy Footprints Blanket

Our Sandy Footprints Beach Blanket is ideal for a romantic picnic date; you can either use it as a picnic rug or huddle up together with it around your shoulders. It was definitely made for two! You could easily pair this gift with a romantic walk and a hot drink stop, or even use it to huddle up in a pub garden together for a spot of lunch. What’s more, if you’ve got a summer trip planner, the blanket becomes multi-purpose, making an ideal, lightweight beach towel too. So wherever you may be going this Valentine’s Day, why not use our blanket as an excuse to cuddle up?

Oceanholic Bag 

The Oceanholic foldaway bag makes a lovely token gift this Valentine’s Day. We all know the frustration of popping into the shops and realising we didn’t pick up a large enough shopping bag. With the Oceanholic bag, you’ll never be caught out. With its spacious design and foldaway nature, you can easily fit this bag into a small handbag or glovebox. Or even a small suitcase!

To make our products more sustainable, we aim to make all our bags as multi-purpose as possible. And the Oceanholic bag is no exception. So if you’re planning a romantic getaway for your loved one, the Oceanholic bag is a little keepsake that is bound to come in handy. This small but mighty reusable bag is large enough to carry all the beach accessories you need. Whether you need a towel and swimwear for the beach or a few essentials to take to a hotel spa, this will prove one of the best Valentine’s gifts to date!

Ciao Trucker Cap 

Our trucker hats are an ideal gift for you and your partner. Let everyone know you’re off on holiday with your bae with our ‘Ciao’ trucker caps. With their unisex design, these caps are perfect for a matching couple gift, no matter the weather!

The TOTE Bag

Our chic tote bag is designed to be worn for any occasion, making it the perfect bag to gift your partner. If your partner is a big shopper with a hectic lifestyle, this bag is ideal to suit all their needs. Gym then food shop? No problem, fit it all into one bag. Or perhaps they’re always rushing to socialise straight from work? They’ll be able to carry everything, from a laptop and a spare set of shoes to a complete outfit change! This bag was designed to make your life easier. Gifting our TOTE bag to your special someone is a thoughtful gesture, providing them with a stylish option to be prepared for their busy schedule. 

Shopping sustainably is one of the best gifts you could get your partner. By browsing our Valentine’s Day gift guide, not only are you supporting ethical designs and treating your loved one, but you’re giving the gift of bettering the planet. If you’re interested in browsing more of our products, or perhaps you want a bundle, then please head over to Universal Flip today for your ethical and sustainable Valentine’s present.