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Don’t Forget These Beach Bag Essentials!

Everyone loves going to the beach at one time or another in their lives, whether it’s because they want to bask in the golden sun or dip their toes in the ocean. But, no matter why you love going to the beach, there is always something we forget to take in our beach bags. That one item that would make your beach trip so much better.

So, it’s about time that you reevaluate your list of beach bag essentials and figure out what to pack for a beach holiday.

  • Suncream.

For decades, doctors around the globe have been telling everyone to lather sunscreen onto their bodies before they step out into the sun to protect themselves from harmful UV rays. Not only will it defend your skin from diseases such as skin cancer, but did you know it can also prevent premature wrinkles and eye problems.

Having suncream in your beach bag is essential to make sure you are as safe as you can be while you enjoy yourself. 

  • Sunglasses. 

Just like protecting your skin is essential when you go into the sun, shading your eyes from UV light is also critical as it protects your eyelids, corneas, lens and retinas. Eye protection is essential if you’re on or near a body of water, as the sun’s reflection can be just as harmful and can also lead to sunburn of the eyes. Ultimately, this can lead to ultraviolet keratitis.

Wearing sunglasses for the majority of your time at the beach will ensure that you can enjoy the tranquil beauty of the coast for many years to come.

  • Beach Blanket. 

If you go to the beach, you will need to have a beach blanket. Not only does a beach blanket create a barrier between your sensitive skin and the sand, but they are also handy after a dip in the sea. Using a beach blanket after a dip in the ocean is a better alternative than a regular bathroom towel due to its thin and absorbent material. These blankets are able to dry quickly in the sun, allowing you to pop them back in your beach bag without getting anything else wet.

Beach blankets are also great if they are large, as you can easily use them as a makeshift beach sun cover to protect yourself from the harmful sun rays. 

At Universal Flip, we want everyone to have an enjoyable time at the beach and be as comfortable as possible. With our ethically made, large beach blanket, you will have enough room for yourself and your friends to have a great time. Check out our products here.

  • Good Book or Magazine. 

Reading a book or magazine is known to reduce stress mainly because it takes your mind off your worries and troubles, allowing you to escape into the pages for a precious while. 

So putting something to read (whether a hardback book or a kindle) into your beach bag will do you a whole world of good! Not only will it help you destress, but it will also help fight symptoms of depression along with the sunshine as you settle in for the day. 

  • Fake Sunscreen Bottle for Keys and Money. 

Going to the beach can be stressful if you don’t know where to put keys and money. You want to enjoy yourself without having to hold anything or having to constantly check your bag to make sure that everything is still there. 

Ensuring that you have a fake sunscreen bottle for your keys and money is the perfect way to make sure that your belongings are safe and sound, allowing you more time to relax and enjoy the beach.

You will want to hide any valuables, keys, phone, money, for example, in plain sight from any potential thieves. Then, anyone who does happen to have a look through your bag won’t find anything and will walk away empty-handed. 

  • Trucker Cap.

Protecting your skin and eyes from sun damage is essential. However, so is protecting your head and the back of your neck.

A sun hat can be used as a natural barrier to sun damage. However, having a travel cap has more benefits as it will shield more of your face and body against harmful rays, therefore, ensuring that your head and neck are protected. 

By keeping your head and neck protected, you allow your body the chance to cool itself off as it regulates your core body temperature. This reduces the risk of migraines, headaches and heatstroke.

Although there are many things you can take to the beach, you should make it a priority to have sunglasses, suncream, and a sun hat at the top of your list. You don’t want to look like a lobster and hurt every time you try to move. There’s no better way to enjoy yourself in the tranquil bliss of a beach than protecting yourself from sunburn. 

At Universal Flip, we believe that everyone should have the freedom to chase their dreams and make them a reality. Our products can inspire you to have the courage you need to go after your dreams through our ethically made beach accessories. If you would like to browse the range, please click here.