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Sustainable Manufacturing Practises: All you need to know.

Sustainable Manufacturing Practises All you need to know.

When Universal Flip was created, we knew its sustainability was essential to the brand. Our key objective was to create stylish and durable accessories at no cost to the environment. However, we wanted our sustainability to go further, ensuring our products are produced by ethical manufacturing processes too. This means that we can guarantee the […]

Treat your Mum this Mother’s Day

Treat your Mum this Mother's Day

Whilst, in our opinion, every day should be Mother’s Day, we’re glad that there is one special day a year designed to celebrate the hard work and sacrifice that goes into being a mother. Let’s face it; Mums are superheroes 365 days a year, 24/7! No job in the world compares to the full-time responsibility […]

Happy International Women’s Day: Meet Nicky

Happy International Women’s Day Meet Nicky

Tuesday 8th March 2022 is now more commonly known as International Women’s Day, and it’s fast approaching. At Universal Flip, we are all here to celebrate every bit of female success. For us, it is undoubtedly an important day as a female-led brand. However, some of you may be less aware of the significance of […]

Thank You For Your Support!

Thank You For Your Support!

Small, independent businesses represent three-fifths of the UK’s economy with a total estimated turnover of £2.3 trillion. That’s right, though we may be small, we are mighty! That’s why I want to say a big THANK YOU for all your support, not only by shopping directly through Universal Flip but by supporting other small businesses […]

Ethical Gift Ideas for your Valentine

Ethical Gift Ideas for your Valentine

Whilst it may feel like Christmas was only the other day, Valentine’s Day is almost upon us! Now is the time to start thinking of more gift ideas for your special someone. However, while Valentine’s is another occasion to spend money on someone you love, it’s important not to get swept up in the holiday […]

Less is More: Stylish Accessories to Complete Every Outfit

Less is More Stylish Accessories to Complete Every Outfit

Over the past decade, consumerism and fast fashion have skyrocketed thanks to online shopping and the emergence of fast-fashion brands. As more and more of us use social media, we tend to want and desire more things. Whether that be tiny sunglasses thanks to Kim Kardashian, leather jackets in response to the latest Matrix movie […]

Fast Fashion: How to Avoid It!

Fast Fashion How to Avoid It!

‘Fast fashion’ is a relatively new term that has become a hot topic of conversation around the world when it comes to discussing sustainability; it refers to the process of mass-producing garments in response to the latest trends and selling them for low prices. We used to think that the only contributors to our environmental […]

All you need to know about Sustainable Cotton

All you need to know about Sustainable Cotton

So you may have bought a tote bag or bag for life to reduce plastic consumption – this is great, and every little helps the environment. However, it is essential to check that the cotton bags you are using are made of sustainable cotton and do not have equally harmful effects on the environment. Don’t […]

Universal Flip for Life: The Importance of Reusable Bags

Universal Flip for Life The Importance of Reusable Bags

Plastic bags are so not cool anymore. Does anyone else feel ashamed to carry one around when you forget your trusty bag for life – we know we do! However, bags for life are not always the nicest things to be taking around town, and those handles are always an impractical design for carrying your […]

Have a Merry Christmas on the Beach

Have a Merry Christmas on the Beach

Last Christmas was a disaster. Lockdown restrictions were still in place, although “Christmas bubbles” were allowed to be formed locally, meaning many of us couldn’t travel to see loved ones wherever they were. It was a time when the festive season didn’t feel as merry or jolly. Fast forward one year and things are looking […]