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Amazing holiday destinations only a short flight away

Are you looking for a place to escape to over the Winter? We don’t blame you one bit! The UK weather is terrible now the clocks have gone back, and Winter is fast approaching. Recently it’s either constantly raining, windy, bitterly cold, or a mixture of all three – not ideal in the slightest!

One amazing benefit of being a Brit, though, is the extensive range of sunny locations you can fly to in just a short period of time. If you really wanted, you could even take a coach from London to Paris! Just don’t faint after seeing the 9 hrs 25 mins journey length.

Instead of being cramped up for almost half a day, why not get comfortable and jet off to a beautiful, warm country? There’s no need to travel halfway across the world to enjoy a bit of sunshine. You can do so by visiting the Mediterranean instead.

Check out our mid-haul holiday destination picks here:

Costa del Sol, Spain

Average flight time: 2 hrs 50 mins

Based in the Province of Málaga, our first location has an average yearly temperature of 18.5°C. Not only that, but there are at least 300 days of sunshine here, and the winters are the mildest in Europe, so you’re bound to experience sun throughout the entirety of your visit. Add in all the activities there are to do, and you’ll be jumping at the opportunity to stop over!

On top of the glorious 185-mile stretch that is the coastline of Costa del Sol, you also have plenty of resorts nearby that you can travel to, such as Marbella. If you’re lucky, you might even experience soaring temperatures – the highest ever recorded being 44.2°C in 1978!

Algarve, Portugal

Average flight time: 2 hrs 50 mins

To the northwest of Costa del Sol and across the border, you will find the Algarve – the biggest and most important Portuguese tourist region overall. The area can see temperatures up to an astounding 35°C with very little rainfall at all. In recent years, the landscape has altered, seeing hotels, apartment blocks, and residential housing being extended to accommodate tourists.

Faro, the Algarve’s capital, is known as the “Sunniest City in Europe”. On average, there are around 3,036 hours of sunshine a year. Although it’s not one of the many beach resorts found in the Algarve, this should be on your list of areas to visit while you’re over there. It is truly a beautiful pocket of the world.

Valletta, Malta

Average flight time: 3 hrs

Ever been to a tiny capital before? Then get yourself down to Valletta in Malta, and you can experience just that! The record highest temperature seen here is a whopping 43.8°C, while the average annual temperature is above 19°C. And, although not famed for being a beach resort, it is home to some amazing accommodation options and delicious eateries you need to try out!

Go and explore this wonderful city and you’ll find plenty of activities to do. There are Jeep and Quad tours, boat trips, museums, sites of interest and other things to do while you’re there. Valletta is a bustling capital city that is only on its way up. Soon enough, it’ll be top of your list!

Crete, Greece

Average flight time: 4 hrs

If you had to ask us which Greek island to visit, we would say Crete any day of the week. Firstly, this island is the biggest out of them all and, secondly, a holiday goer’s paradise! Balos, Vai, and Elafonisi beaches are incredibly scenic and like something you’d see on a postcard. The magical sparkle of the clear blue waters covers the crisp sugar-fine sand underneath your feet.

And that’s not all either! The island has a brilliant history surrounded by Greek mythology, starting with the first queen, Europa. Then later, King Minos ruled the land and refused to sacrifice a bull to the gods before eventually being punished by Poseidon. The Minotaur was then born and hidden in a labyrinth by Minos.

Dalaman, Turkey

Average flight time: 4 hrs

Finally, we travel to Dalaman in Turkey, where the temperatures reach a magnificent 33°C, and the waters are 24°C – what an absolute dream! Dalaman is known as the Turquoise Coast due to the brilliant turquoise blues and great emerald greens found in the shallows off the coast. This area is accompanied by bars, restaurants, shops and watersports for you to get stuck right into.

There are some amazing radiant resorts like Marmaris and Olu Deniz not far away either. Experience a 4×4 safari or natural mud bath. Then go out and dine at some of the finest restaurants the place has to offer. Quite simply, this is a top-quality holiday destination for anyone who wants a short, comfortable flight.

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