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All you need to know about Sustainable Cotton

So you may have bought a tote bag or bag for life to reduce plastic consumption – this is great, and every little helps the environment. However, it is essential to check that the cotton bags you are using are made of sustainable cotton and do not have equally harmful effects on the environment.

Don’t worry if you’ve never considered this before; not many people know that the sustainability of cotton is also an important environmental factor. Just by deciding against using plastic bags, you’ve already made a great first step and proven that you are willing to make changes to help our planet’s future. 

In addition to the environmental factors of cotton, it is equally as important to consider the human impact upon the workers. Ensuring that your cotton is made ethically and in a Fair Trade environment ensures that you support the livelihood of communities and workers who spend their days making sure you can have the bag you are wearing today. Did you know that cotton is the most profitable non-food crop globally and provides an income to 250 million people!

All our products are made using sustainable cotton here at Universal Flip, and when we say sustainable, we mean in an environmentally friendly and worker-friendly way. As an ethical brand, we want to promote the use of sustainable materials to create a better planet for everyone. Although sustainable materials may cost more money than materials sourced unethically and unsustainably, you can’t put a price on the well-being of a worker and the well-being of the planet. All it takes is one small investment to ensure you are contributing to the planet in a sustainable way that is not negatively impacting communities. Unfortunately, fast fashion is one of the leading contributors to our environmental crisis. Plus, it is a ruthless industry to the workers that produce the clothing and materials. This blog aims to educate readers on sustainable cotton and why it is necessary to shop sustainably for our future. 

The production of sustainable cotton aims to:

  • Reduce the use of hazardous chemicals on farms and promote the safe handling of chemicals when they are needed 
  • Using less water to grow the cotton plants so that this water can be used to sustain communities and allow habitats to thrive
  • Reduce unfair working conditions for cotton farmers and help reduce low wages, especially on higher cotton yields.

Addressing each of these factors is essential in ensuring that the manufacturing of cotton remains both sustainable and ethical. It’s no good ditching plastics if cotton manufacturing still has damaging, unsustainable effects on the environment. 

It’s all about the balance.

Deciding on a sustainable source of cotton can be challenging at first. For example, if you chose a source that focussed mainly on environmental factors, then the well-being of cotton farmers may be neglected. Or, if you focus solely on the well-being of the workers, then environmental standards may begin to slip. Therefore, it is important to do your research when deciding where to get your cotton from so that the environment and the farmers are not negatively affected. 

Here at Universal Flip, we are an ethical and sustainable brand hoping to do our part in contributing to a brighter, better planet. We make sure to research all of the manufacturing procedures for our products so that you can shop knowing that you are also helping create a better planet. 

What to look for when choosing sustainable cotton

Environmental factors: 

  • Improve soil 
  • Improve biodiversity 
  • Reduce water use
  • Reduce chemical fertilisers
  • Reduce pesticides 

Social impacts: 

  • Promote decent work for farmers
  • Help farmers see more profits

When choosing cotton, it is important to try and take into account all of the above factors so that you know you are doing good in terms of both the planet and the cotton farmers. It may be hard to find a source that considers all of these factors; however, ticking off as many of the above as possible is a sure way of knowing you are sourcing your cotton ethically and sustainably. 

If you love to look good and feel good, then shopping for our sustainable, ethical accessories is a sure way to make you feel your best. Not only will our fabulous designs enhance any outfit, but you can also rest easy knowing that you are wearing sustainably sourced cotton that is contributing to the greater good of the planet. So please browse our range of accessories today at Universal Flip!