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The designer behind Universal Flip is our fashion guru, Nicky. Like many women, especially those born and raised in Liverpool like herself, she has always had a passion for fashion. From high-end couture to boho chic, she loves it all! You name it, she knows all about it! 

Nicky is based in the UK however has lived in Australia for well over a decade. Nicky’s passion is providing women of all ages, style – but without the price tag. Anyone can buy fashionable items of clothing but being stylish is a whole different runway.

Nicky believes that you don’t have to spend a fortune to look good – and that is why Universal Flip was born. Nicky now wants to share her passion with likeminded women, regardless of age. Afterall, age is just a number, right?!

Our Story

 Nicky created Universal Flip because of her love of feeling great whenever she was wearing something that she loved.

She was always receiving compliments from other mums about her dress sense and was humbled (and of course flattered) that other mums would go out of their way to pay such lovely compliments to her. They could not believe that, when told, her clothes were inexpensive, it was ‘just the way they were accessorised’.

After a few years, Nicky decided to put her creative ideas into action and create a ‘one stop shop’ so that other mums, daughters, grandmothers could share accessories, and there be no age barriers! Afterall, there is no age limit to wanting to look your most fabulous best is there!

“Fashion is a constant shift, but STYLE is something that comes from within. If you buy right the first time, it’ll look good for years to come. Style is universal, change it up, flip it around. Why follow the crowd...? Be your own stylist and make your wardrobe work hard for its money by adding simple, stylish, and most importantly of all, affordable accessories. New accessories are an inexpensive way to bring your wardrobe back to life! Because when you look good – you feel good”

A message from Nicky

Love of family and fashion will always be a passion that many of us hold dear to our hearts. Having a creative outlet, for me, is so incredibly important. Not only does it bring ladies of all ages closer, but it also takes us back to our youth where we used to share ideas, tips, and tricks with our best friends. Fashion is, from a young age a thing of fun and friendship, building bonds and memories that last a lifetime. A feeling that we should hold onto for as long as we can!

I hope you enjoy our journey of discovery and camaraderie of the styling world together. Building self-confidence, self-love, and self-acceptance along the way.

All of our range is sourced, styled, and worn by me…every day. I hope you love it as much as I do. 

Love Nicky xx