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10 American Beaches to put on your Wish List

No matter how old you are, we all enjoy a beach break! And, luckily for us, we are spoilt with so many beautiful beaches around the globe. From remote coastal coves perfect for a romantic retreat to huge expanses of sand ready for those family holidays, there really is a beach for everyone! 

Choosing your holiday destination, however, can be tricky. How do you pick from such a long list of beaches? Fortunately, we have put together our top ten American beach destinations to help narrow your search. With temperatures varying from state to state, you can always find some sunshine for your break whenever you choose to go.

Keep reading to discover our top ten American beaches to put on your wish list.

1)  Ocracoke Lifeguarded Beach, North Carolina 

Ocracoke Lifeguarded Beach is a secluded haven harbouring miles of white sand that creates a unique beach atmosphere for anyone visiting. Known as the ‘Pearl of Outer Banks,’ Ocracoke gives the impression of being far away from the rest of North Carolina’s Outer Banks.

That being said, there are car parking and restroom facilities, this beach is the perfect day trip for both tourists and locals alike. So load up your beach bags and set up your camp for a full day of ‘beaching!’

And, as its name suggests, it is the only lifeguarded beach on the island. During the summer season, dogs are not allowed on this stretch of beach, giving priority to swimmers.

2) Waimanalo Beach, Oahu (Hawaii)

The hidden Waimanalo Beach in Oahu is the perfect spot for your beach holiday if you want some time by yourself. Away from hotels and shops, Waimanalo Beach gives tourists the chance of experiencing peace and solitude as they sunbathe on a stunning sandy beach.

It makes it a gorgeous picnic spot while giving visitors ample opportunity to explore and lounge all at once!

And, with a beautiful turquoise ocean, you don’t want to forget your Sandy Footprints Beach Blanket for after your dip! What’s great about Waimanalo beach is the generous amounts of shade from the ironwood trees, providing some much-needed rest from the sun’s rays. 

3) Siesta Key Beach, Florida

Known for its beautiful views and pristine white sand, Siesta Key Beach has sand made up of 99% quartz from the Appalachian Mountains, so no matter how hot the sun gets, the sand will always be cool.

This makes Siesta Key perfect for a family holiday in America! With a shallow shoreline, your children can splash and paddle around at the water’s edge without getting into difficulty.

There are tennis and volleyball courts, a fantastic playground and a picnic area for adults and teenagers – all of which are easily accessed. 

This beach has something for everyone, with lots of things to do. You are only a short stroll away from shops and restaurants in Siesta Key Village if you get hungry or need a break from the sun. So get your beach bag ready, and don’t forget to pack a fake sunscreen bottle to hide your keys and money while you have fun in the sun! 

4) Coronado Central Beach, California 

Coronado Central Beach in California is located on the peninsula where the golden sands and blue ocean have a backdrop of stunning mansions and homes bursting with character. The beach itself oozes charm and romance; no wonder Coronado is a hot spot for couples travelling to this idyllic location.

Along with its romance, Coronado Central offers a range of fun activities suitable for families and couples alike. From swimming and surfing to sunbathing and beach-combing, there’s something for everyone.

5) Ka’anapali Beach, Hawaii

If you’re looking for more than an American beach holiday, then Ka’anapali beach is the perfect location for you! This three-mile stretch of powdery white sand offers the best views of tumbling ocean waves, is the signature beach of West Maui and is a must-visit if you love a bit of adventure.

This Hawaiian beach holds the key to adventure with the possibility of cliff diving off the famous Black Rock and snorkel in the crystal water amongst the tropical marine life.

We’re halfway through and still have so many beaches to share! Keep reading to discover them all.

6) Caladesi Island State Park, Florida

You will find Caladesi Island State Park along the Gulf Coast, and despite the island only being accessible by boat, this spot should definitely be on your bucket list!

The park is open from 8 am to sundown, so you have ample time to lounge upon its pristine beaches, go for a stroll and even kayak through the bayside mangrove forest. Don’t forget to pack an extra beach blanket for this fantastic adventure!

7) South Beach, Miami 

If you’re looking for the perfect blend of beaches and deco architecture, then look no further! South Beach has plenty of beach activities to choose from. And, after just a short stroll down a scenic boardwalk, you can find cyclists, joggers and locals on rollerblades enjoying their beachfront.

This artsy and lively beach is perfect for those of you who love to socialise; so, as the sun sets, it’s time to go out and enjoy the vibrant nightlife of Miami.

8) Orange Beach, Alabama

Orange Beach is an unspoiled beauty home to a vast stretch of sand made from refined quartz grains, washed down from the Appalachian Mountains over thousands of years.

Not only are there plenty of spots upon the sand to lay down a beach and sunbathe, but Orange Beach is also well known as a water sports hotspot. Here, not only can you relax on land, but you can also have fun in the ocean!

9) Smathers Beach, Key West (Florida)

With almost two miles of white sand, rumoured to be transported in from the Bahamas, the azure water and palm trees scattered around, Smathers beach is one of Florida’s biggest public beaches.

The tranquillity that you feel from this beach is second to none, and as this beach does not get significant waves for surfers, the only people with who you’ll be sharing it are those wishing to sunbathe. And, those who are after a game of beach volleyball!

10) Wailea Beach, Hawaii 

Lastly, we have Wailea Beach in Hawaii. Just like many things in Hawaii, Wailea Beach is breathtaking. A walkway along the beach allows visitors to look out across the golden sand and beyond to the Maui coast before they even feel the sand between their toes. 

You can choose between strolling through the surrounding greenery or sunbathing on the sand before swimming in the warm salt water; there are plenty of activities to get involved with at this beach.

There is no denying that America is a beautiful place, with each state having its own natural wonders. No matter which beach you decide to visit, you are guaranteed to have a great time.

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